As reported yesterday, “The Moon that Embraces the Sun’sHan Ga In and Kim Yoo Jung have been chosen as the endorsement models for Samsung Hauzen Bubble Shot. 

Samsung Hauzen has done a pretty good job in keeping the entire shoot sealed from the public. The cast and crew were restricted from taking and sharing any photos from the shoot, and no one other than those involved were allowed at the studio. However, Samsung Hauzen finally unveiled two concept photos of Han Ga In and Kim Yoo Jung together.

Han Ga In has been the sole face of Samsung Hauzen Bubble Shot since 2005, and she’s displayed a wide variety of charms – ranging from goddess to fairy to Amazon-like – in the CFs. Many fans are curious as to what story Han Ga In and Kim Yoo Jung will tell in the upcoming CF.

Han Ga In and Kim Yoo Jung’s CF is currently in the post-production stages and will be unveiled soon. Meanwhile, “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” will air its 19th episode tonight, March 14. Check out the preview with subs here