A recent photo shoot featuring actor Song Jae Rim has been revealed.

In the highly popular drama, “The Moon that Embraces the Sun,” Song Jae Rim plays the quiet and loyal swordsman, Woon. Through this photo shoot, fans got to catch a glimpse of Song Jae Rim’s hidden sexy charms.

The photo shoot was for the star style magazine, “High Cut,” which was issued on March 15. Song Jae Rim took off his palace uniform to reveal a very fit and muscular body. Aside from the image of Woon, who is ever-loyal and without much flaw, Song Jae Rim displayed a wild and even provocative image in this photo spread.

It is said that the photo with Song Jae Rim shirtless and on the bed was especially favored amongst the female staff during the photo shoot.

Song Jae Rim wore different outfits of white in order to highlight is masculine body. Especially with his past model experience, Song Jae Rim perfectly pulls off the white jeans, white shirts and white jackets.

The main photographer of the shoot Park Ji Hyuk gave Song Jae Rim high praise by saying, “He is an exceptional actor – he had the eyes of an actor and the poses of a model.”

Meanwhile, Song Jae Rim is facing the last episode of “The Moon that Embraces the Sun,” which will air today on March 15.