Singer The One opened up about DBSK and JYJ.

On October 4, he had a chance to make a guest appearance on YTN “News at 12: Issue & People” for his participation in MBC’s “I Am a Singer.” Through the music show competition, he was able to live again as a singer.

He was asked which of his students does he remember the most and he answered by praising Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon. Afterwards, he talked about DBSK and JYJ. “Even though they’re actively promoting as a 3 member group and 2 member group, they are the same 5 to me.”

He further went on, “1+1+1+1+1 is like another 1. Even though the DBSK members had a hard past and couldn’t eat properly, they were united. In order to improve their singing, they worked so hard with much passion as a group. I really liked that part about them.”

In other news, he has won 1st place for 3 weeks in “I Am a Singer” during September crowning him as the show’s singer of September.