The price of the piano on “Five Fingers,” a SBS weekend drama, is stirring a lot of talk.

The production team was able to acquire the well-crafted piano as a prop. It was used in the scene where President Yoo Man Seh (Jo Min Gi) gave his wife, Chae Young Lang (Chae Shi Ra), an expensive piano. It turns out this masterpiece of a piano is actually the only one of its kind.

Finding this piano took the production 4 months of their total 7 months prep for the drama. From changing a dying piano into a grand piano, this is the fine work of artist Jang Seung Hyo. She encompasses the past, present and future promoting a unique multi-facted artworld, making a name for herself worldwide.

Finished in 2011, the piano’s name is “Bless Us-Winter.” Artist Jang Seung Hyo explains, “I wanted to dress the piano in winter to express the world’s coldness. Through the image of the pianist, there is a warm future containing the story of spring. I tried to show that although the cold snow is covering the city, there is inner warmth when the cherry blossoms are waiting for spring.”

Even though there isn’t a player, it’s possible to watch a person playing the piano live through the LED screen infused into the piano’s top. The cost of the piano is 250,000,000 won (roughly $250,000).

The production staff commented, “Fall and spring, these are the two themes artist Jang Seung Hyo’s masterpiece is able to convey in our show. Although the masterpiece piano’s role on “Five Fingers” might seem cold, please try to pay attention to the inner warmth.”