Earlier today, two photos of T-ara’s Hyomin were released to the public, impressing netizens – once again – with the power of photoshop. In one photo, Hyomin is dressed as a war correspondent, complete with a uniform, beret, and machinery.

However, as shown in the other image, the photo of Hyomin holding the weapon was photoshopped. During the shoot, Hyomin was actually dressed in a blue blazer and yellow blouse and held on to a huge camera – quite different from what she looked like in the final product. 

Recently, Hyomin and fellow member Eunjung had sat down with 70 other staff members for a series of meetings in preparation for their upcoming “European project,” where they will travel across Europe for nine day, record their trip, and share with fans via their YouTube channel “Freedom.”

Hyomin revealed that she will go through with the European project with the mentality of a war correspondent. Meanwhile, T-ara will be leaving for Italy on April 10.