Girl group Dal Shabet is attracting much attention for their flashy apparel during their “Bling Bling” live performances, not only because of their hot stage but also due to their hot legs.   The unique look of the group’s costumes, also being dubbed as ‘magic pants’, during the girls’ “Bling Bling” promotions, have become a hot topic amongst viewers.

The appearance of Dal Shabet on stage is that of a ‘new disco’ style. Using the style of colorful shirts and rainbow patterned bell-bottom pants harken back to the popular fashion of the 1970’s.  In the case of ‘new disco’ the style is inspired by the retro look but then revamped with a modern twist.  In the ‘70s, as well as in Dal Shabet’s, case the bell-bottom look is meant to accentuate the wearer’s legs.

The term, ‘magic pants’ was coined by netizens because of how the pants were able to further lengthen and emphasize the girl’s, already, amazing legs.

Choi In Ra, who is Dal Shabet’s stylist, commented on the choice to use ‘magic pants’ as the style for their promotions, “In fitting with the title track’s concept, we decided on the ‘new disco’ look.  The members of Dal Shabet are extremely tall so when the ends of their pants flare, it causes them to look even taller.  As for their tops, we made the girls look thinner by using tight, form fitting material.”