Dae Han, Min Gook, and Man Se are back again to bring a smile to your face.

Every week the Song Triplets delight viewers with their infectious laugh on the KBS Sunday variety show “Superman Returns.” In the preview released for the upcoming episode that will air on June 28, viewers can watch the triplets in the front courtyard of a countryside house. It looks like they got wet and their father, actor Song Il Gook, is drying them off and wrapping them up in matching towels. While already adorable, their cuteness level goes up a notch with the pink towels that are shaped like a cape with a hood covering them, the hood styled like an animal.


Song Il Gook places Min Gook between Dae Han and Man Se in an already crowded low-lying table after he dries him off, and you hear Man Se complain, “It’s too crowded!” But this complaint comes with aegyo and a smile, and Dae Han chimes in with the same words.

Looking at his three sons together, Song Il Gook suddenly exclaims, “Oh, you guys are three country mice” and this tickles Man Se immensely. His laugh is contagious and his brothers follow along, and we, the viewers, can’t help but also to smile.

Watch the preview below: