There appears to be a recent trend of Korean TV shows and music alike being criticized or labeled for explicit/sexual content. Recently, “Sponge” a Korean TV show that is somewhat similar to “Myth Busters” received criticism for one of the participant’s clothing.

“Sponge Zero’s” Chief Producer Kim Young Do stated on August 16th, “Sponge Zero does not gain more viewers due to explicit content, we are focused on increasing viewership through our items.” On August 12th when Kim Jung Min’s clothing was criticized, he had stated that, “If there is criticism we will take it into consideration, however it’s not like the production team did this intentionally, we hope you know that.”

Recently the Korea Broadcasting and Communications Review Committee (KCC) ruled that HyunA’s “Bubble Pop” dance was too sexual suggestive. Other shows that had not received such criticism before like “Let’s Go Dream Team” has also received criticism for their female ice-sliding competition.