Uee is appearing on two different dramas in the same time period and she is gaining a lot of attention because of the conflicting image of the two characters. On one she portrays a rich elite woman and on another she portrays a simpler girl who wants to be a golfer.

The two dramas that she is a part of are KBS 2TV’s “Ojak Brothers” and “Birdie Buddy.” 

On “Ojak Brothers” Uee is a beautiful and luxurious girl with long wavy hair named “Baek Ja Eun.” She has a very skinny body but she also a smart elite.

In “Birdie Birdie” she is the exact opposite type of character. For her character on this drama, she is from a rural area in South Korea and after overcoming different obstacles she develops into a passionate golfer.

Netizens have commented, “I am anticipating Uee’s acting in which she portrays different characters from a rural girl to a luxury girl,” “I really want to see Uee’s acting for ‘Birdie Buddy.’”

Source: Star News