“The Webtoon” star Lee Si Young, along with co-star Eom Ki Joon, recently appeared in an interview and photo shoot for the July issue of “Vogue Korea.”  In the fashion magazine, noted amateur boxer and actress Lee Si Young talks about declining “Vogue Korea” for boxing.

In declining a love call from “Vogue Korea,” Lee Si Young said: “With regards to boxing, I am very careful about everything.  Because I am a celebrity, I was worried that boxing might be seen as something that I was just using or become some sort of caricature.  I really love boxing and respect the athletes.  But, because my existence is that of a celebrity, I have become very cautious about entertainment programs or photo shoots that might treat boxing very lightly or as a source of laughter.”      

Maintaining a balance between her passion for boxing and acting has not been easy.  Lee Si Young said: “Right now, I am doing two types of work that I love at the same time.  Even when I was filming for “The Webtoon,” that was when I was also preparing for the Korean amateur representative selection match, so it was extremely difficult for my physical health.  It is not an easy thing to maintain my weight at 45 kg [for the film] and regulate my power [for the match].  Towards the film, there is a sensitive emotional state that must be maintained.  Towards myself, I have a desire to win.  My desire to win is not the desire to win over others, but an ambition to win in a fight with myself.”         

Lee Si Young also talked about the advice her coach gave her: “When I was completely knocked down, my coach pushed me and said: ‘Ask yourself if this is something that you really cannot do!  If you do that, I have nothing else to say.  If you crumble to the ground, you have no choice but to get back up again.  Even if you flounder in the water, up to the point right before you die, you have the strength to grasp at any straws to try to stay afloat.  That is the strength you use to stand up again.  The principle behind acting and boxing is the same.  If you lose a match or your movie flops at the box office, at first, you will blame others.  But, ask yourself.  Did I do my best with everything in my power to the point of death?”