“The Webtoon” star Lee Si Young, along with co-star Eom Ki Joon, recently appeared in an interview and photo shoot for the July issue of “Vogue Korea.”  In the fashion magazine, Lee Si Young talks about declining a previous love call from “Vogue Korea” to protect her boxing image and the advice her coach gave her when she was knocked out.  

The dark, ink-splattered, and supernatural concept of the photo shoot was inspired by the summer horror film’s grisly plot.  In “The Webtoon” (also known as “The Webtoon: Foretold Murder”), Lee Si Young plays the role of comic artist Ji Yoon who publishes her murder-filled comics online, but she and the police are stunned to find that someone has begun to murder people by copying each of the murders detailed in her webtoons before the webtoons are even published.  Eom Ki Joon plays the part of Detective Lee Ki Cheol who is charged with finding the copycat serial killer.  “The Webtoon” was released on June 27, and, recently, it was announced that the horror film had broken 1 million in ticket sales.     

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