Who are the hottest cover girls from Korea? The Wonder Girls! The musical ladies are working hard and their agency, JYP Entertainment, recently revealed their magazine photoshoot schedule. Three booked magazine dates were tweeted on August 10th.

Read the fashionable tweet below: 

“[WG SCHEDULE] 8/10 Sun&Yubin: MAC photoshoot (W Korea magazine)/ 8/12 Yenny: High Cut Magazine shoot/ 8/14 WG Cosmopolitan Korea photoshoot”

Are you envious of their fabulous and stylish life? 

In addition to this tweet, the WGFacts keep pouring in. Here are a couple more important and Wonderful facts below: 

“At what age would you like to get married? Sun: When I am over 25 years old, but I’m quite open to timing actually. @WGsun

Wallpaper on your computers? Yubin: Picture of my family! My laptop has a photograph from Ninakawa Mika as a background”

Credit: @followWG