Is there something you always wanted to know about the Wonder Girls? Are you dying to ask them about their favorite movies, music, even an article of clothing? Well, the WGFacts are here to answer those questions and even more. On August 2nd, the following tweet appeared on the ladies official Twitter account:

“Did you enjoy the #WGFacts yesterday? We will continue for few days to post random facts, which came straight from the WG- Get ready:D”

What were some of the facts they have already shared? Read the tweets below:

“#WGfacts @wgyubin ‘s favorite Disney movie is Lion King and @WG_Lim ‘s is Aladdin!

#WGfacts @WGsun used to be a big fan of pants but nowadays she loves to wear long skirts!! She says they are super comfortable!

#WGfacts Which girl group does @WGsohee enjoy listening to the most? S.E.S, miss A and 2ne1″

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Credit: @followWG