With a group as big as THE BOYZ (11 members), it wouldn’t be shocking to hear that some members don’t bond well or even get jealous of one another; however, SunwooHyunjae, and Younghoon clarifies that that’s not the case for them.

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When member Hyunjae was asked by Cosmopolitan Korea the member’s charms were, his answer proved the group has a strong and supportive relationship.

Cosmopolitan: What do you think is the charm of each other?

Younghoon is very handsome, and he never brags about himself. Even if he did, people couldn’t hate him because he’s so cute. People sometimes get jealous of others who are good looking; however, Younghoon is unexpectedly easygoing and has been showing a more clumsy side, and I think the members and fans find him cute instead.

— Hyunjae


Complimenting him back, Younghoon shared Hyunjae’s caring nature for his members and others.

Hyunjae is the type of person who is the same inside and out. He treats everyone equally with kindness and respect, regardless of who they are. I find that attitude very beautiful.

— Younghoon

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Younghoon also shared the good qualities of member Sunwoo, praising his humorous personality.

Sunwoo has a really unique sense of humor. He is very quick on his feet, and he’s witty in any situation.

— Younghoon


Hyunjae also added his praise for member Sunwoo and his skills in producing music.

Sunwoo is talented in writing lyrics, and he’s also very thoughtful. He’s fast at reading situations and good at responding to them. I think he’s a clever guy who’s good at knowing the flow of things.

— Hyunjae

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Further into the interview, the members are asked whether they maintain great teamwork rather than develop jealousy towards a member’s popularity or success.

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Cosmopolitan: For a team with so many members, there will be cases when one member receives a lot of attention at first and the others have to wait for their time to shine. With senior groups, the common thing to do was to not get jealous of each other and wait for their time. Is there any way for THE BOYZ to maintain such teamwork?

That’s exactly what we do. No matter what the members do we have each others back. When someone is doing more or doing better than another, we don’t get envious or any jealous feelings. Instead, we cheer each other on enthusiastically.

— Younghoon

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Sunwoo added that it’s actually a happy and thankful feeling rather than a jealous one.

Actually, we’re grateful to the members who become more famous. Because they are working hard as a member of THE BOYZ and putting our group name out into the world. We don’t get greedy or think, ‘should I grab that opportunity.

— Sunwoo

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It’s apparent that the members love each other and are able to see each other’s best qualities. THE BOYZ seem to have a great mindset and support system for each other, perhaps that’s what makes the group so successful!