tvN‘s “Three Meals a Day- Jeongseon” edition will be airing its last episode on September 11.

An affiliate of tvN revealed, “This is the final season of “Three Meals a Day” in Jeongseon. We originally planned it to last one year. We believe we showed a lot of Oksunbong (town) over the course of one year. There will be no more episodes in Jeongseon.”

However, another season after the soon-to-aired second season of “Three Meals a Day- Farming Village” is still a possibility, the affiliate said, adding, “Just because we are not filming in Oksunbong does not mean we are rejecting the possibility of filming in the farming village.”

Many guests have come and gone during “Three Meals a Day – Jeongseon” edition seasons one and two. Kim Ha Neul, Ji Sung, Choi Ji Woo, Son Ho Joon, Yoo Hae Jin, and lastly Park Shin Hye. She has visited Jeongseon twice and has wrapped up the program by being the last guest on the show.

On the upcoming episode of “Three Meals a Day” on September 11, the cast will gather in Kim Gwang Kyu‘s house and share behind-the-scenes secrets.

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