Actor Lee Hyun Woo is famous for his very cute puppy eyes, but when he was a child actor he was even more adorable.

On the July 23 episode of SBS‘ “Good Morning,” the show chose four “flower boys” of the first half of 2013: Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Woo Bin, Lee Hyun Woo, and Lee Jong Suk. For Lee Hyun Woo’s segment, the show revealed an old interview from when the actor was much younger. 

In the video it is evident that Lee Hyun Woo had his good looks since he was young. “People around me told me to try acting since I was good looking. So I told my parents I wanted to try acting. My parents approved so I was able to act,” said the little version of Lee Hyun Woo in the interview.

When he was asked what he wanted people to say about him as an actor he replied, “That I’m handsome, act well, and study well.”

Looks like Lee Hyun Woo was a confident kid! Go through the gallery to see more pictures of adorable actor when he was younger.