Three Meals a Day’s” official doggy mascot Minky has been acting a bit unusual.

On the June 26 episode of the tvN variety show, Minky appeared to be much more lethargic than usual. Observing this, 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon began to worry. Also worried by the pup’s health, the show’s production team wouldn’t leave Minky’s side even after filming had ended.

Subtitles then appeared on the screen that read, “Minky just seems a little strange these days. Don’t be alarmed. There might be some good news soon.” While Minky’s condition is still unclear, the significance of these words has sparked many fans’ curiosity and speculation that Minky may, in fact, be pregnant.

Meanwhile, appearing in both seasons of “Three Meals a Day,” Minki has impressed many fans with her sudden growth in the show’s second season.

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