There has been a well known curse that popular idol groups break up five years after their debut. Such was the case for H.O.T., DBSK*, and SS501**.

Two idol groups that have seemingly conquered that jinx are Big Bang, and Super Junior. Still going strong today, they still show us their talents and capacity to stay in the entertainment industry.

Just how were they able to beat the jinx?

1. Both groups’ members were motivated to achieve their goals. After their first year of debut, they didn’t gain much attention and love from the public despite the fact that their companies, YG Entertainment and SM Entertainment, were really big in the entertainment industry.

This influenced both groups positively since they all pushed themselves to work even harder to accomplish their dreams. This compromise linked them even more as their different ideas, dreams and determination contributed to their successes.

2. The different personalities of the members do not surpass the others. Super Junior’s members are really good at performing arts. Their different personalities such as Heechul’s creativity, the good singing abilities of Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung when performing emotional songs, the talent of hosting and MCing in variety shows that Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and Shindong have shown in SBS’ Strong Heart. They all developed various talents.

In Big Bang’s case, their leader G-Dragon is in charge of writing, composing and distributing the songs to the group. T.O.P has his rough voice and he also displays a playful side. Daesung and Seungri show their talent to amuse people while being on variety shows and no one can deny the singing talent that Taeyang has on his solo performances. Despite the fact of having different talents and personalities, it creates a synergy within the group.

3. They have a very strong friendship with each other. After five years of officially working together as a group (in addition to the years in training), Super Junior and Big Bang members seem to not have had huge conflicts among them. Though they all are on their 20s, they might have little fights or discussions but they solve things right away. Their friendship has become more solid after all these years, and this reason is the main base to success over the five year jinx of disbanding and which has become the path that inspires other groups and make them want to follow it.

Overall, it is nice to see K-Pop groups last for a long time, despite all the difficulties that arise in the business. We really hope that this jinx will disappear in the future.


*DBSK’s contract controversy started in 2009 and is currently split into the JYJ trio and Yunho and Changmin continuing as a duo under DBSK. 

**SS501, despite having members in different companies, still have plans to continue as a group.