Looks like Seungho is the scariest member on MBLAQ, he almost made fellow member Thunder quit! MBLAQ appeared on the JTBC Brunch Show “Park Kyung Rim’s Oh! Happy Day.” On the show, they spoke about the hardships from their trainee and debut days.

Thunder lived in the Philippines was living with his family before he joined MBLAQ. He was also the last member to join the group. He stated, “When I joined up with MBLAQ I was very unfamiliar with Korea and Korean culture.”

Thunder was asked who picked on him the most and he answered Seungho without hesitation. Thunder said, “In the Philippines we don’t have ‘hyungs’ and ‘dongsengs.’ (Senior, Juniors) However, Seungho emphasized the importance of age. On the first day of training, he took my tracksuit.”

Lee Jun added, “Thunder was scared of Seungho. In the early hours he would call me out and tell me that he couldn’t handle it anymore.”

This episode of “Park Kyung Rim’s Oh! Happy Day” will air on March 19.