The girls of 2NE1 have been teasing fans over their first live concert “NOLZA”. Just right before the ticket selling this afternoon, members Sandara and Minzy both showed their excitement through me2day and twitter. It seemed like Black Jacks must have all geared up for the fierce competition as the tickets ran out within 5 minutes.


Earlier today on me2day, Sandara posted a picture of herself and stated, “Doo doong!!! Tickets for NOLZA concert will be available in three hours from now! Ticket fight begins~! Don don don…pong pong pong…!!! It’s our first ever ticket fight!!! +.+ so nervous… everyone fighting! Whoever got the ticket have to come have fun with us at NOLZA concert~! We are now on the way to the airport! ^_^”. The girls are now heading to Singapore for “Korean Music Wave 2011” event.

Meanwhile, Minzy also twitted “Has it started yet?? Let the ticket fight begin!! Everyone come clicking non-stop!!!!! See you at the concert~ ^_^”

Three hours later, the competition began, and the tickets were basically out within 5 minutes! Actually, the tickets were almost all gone in 2 minutes. The competition was definitely more than fierce. I just experienced it myself! 

Their concert will be on August 27th and 28th. Congratulations to all who were able to get tickets.

Source and pic : baidu+G-Market