From a Hooting Bad Girl to Rocker Chick, SNSD’s Tiffany is making a full 360 when it comes to her image! Recently, the international star modeled for the popular fashion magazine,Singles.The concept for the shoot was nowhere near the upbeat K-Pop/J-Pop mood she is accustomed to. Rock-Chic was the focus of this pictorial set to be released in September. What did her company have to say? They tweeted about it!

Check out SME‘s tweets and images from the shoot below: 

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany has Transformed into a Feminine Rock-Chic Girl…Tiffany has transformed into a feminine rock-chic style through the September issue of [Singles] magazine..Tiffany upgraded the rock-chic look funky mood concept and made the pictorial more amazing. ..The pictorial and interview of Tiffany, will be featured in the September issue of [Singles] magazine.”

Which image is your favorite?

Credit: @smtownent