If you’ve not yet watched the greatest “What’s In My Bag” video of the century, do yourself a favor and check out Tiffany Young being her fabulous self for Vogue Korea.

The video has become one of Vogue’s most popular “What’s In My Bag” scoops, with 2.3 million views. In it, she shares one of her favorite scented hand sanitizers. Due to the pandemic, hand sanitizer has become one of the essential items to carry around.

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During a follow-up video, Vogue Korea took Tiffany shopping at Tamburins, the brand that makes her hand sanitizers. On her trip there, the staff told her that the shop sold 8,000 units of hand sanitizers on the day her “What’s In My Bag” video dropped.

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Even Tiffany was shocked at her own power! She thanked everyone who loved and watched the video for the opportunity.

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Check out the full video here but be warned, your wallets might be at risk!