The godfather of Korean hip hop Tiger JK is popular in Brazil! On March 29 the popular Brazilian website “BAH” held a vote for K-Pop music and Tiger JK’s 2009 hit “Monster” was #1. After Tiger JK the order was, Girls’ Generation, TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee, and Big Bang.

In the past Tiger JK and his wife Yoon Mirae have also been introduced as the Asian hip hop stars on the Brazilian REDE TV’s “Leitura Dinamica” in November, 2011. Tiger JK has also wrote letters with Paulo Cohelo. (The famous author of “The Alchemist”)

Tiger JK does not have any special promotions going on in Brazil. However he does use social networking services to communicate with fans.

Currently Tiger JK will feature on MIB’s single album “Celebrate.” The album will be released on April 5.