Tiger JK and Bizzy have been confirmed to join the sixth season of “Show Me the Money.”

On April 10, “Show Me the Money” revealed that the two rappers will join Zico and Dean as producers in the new season.

Tiger JK, the unparalleled rapping giant in Korean hip hop said, “I was curious as to what kind of place ‘Show Me the Money’ is, since it seems to absorb everyone’s attention. I think I will grow along with the contestants, so I’m very excited.” He added, “I will enjoy finding genuine voices, which is more precious than money. I’ll try to give enjoyment to the viewers.”

Bizzy said, “I’m very honored to be participating in the best rap audition program in this country as a judge. I think this experience will go beyond just judging, and I think I will grow together with the contestants. I will do my best on the show.”

The sixth season of “Show Me the Money” is slated to air in the first half of this year.

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