Tiger JK talked about a hard time that Yoon Mi Rae went through on the December 6 episode of tvN’s “Dear Pet, We Need to Talk.”

On this episode, Tiger JK tried to cheer up his wife, fellow rapper Yoon Mi Rae, who was mourning the death of their dog Smoky. He planned a special trip for her and expressed his love for his wife.

He opened up about Yoon Mi Rae’s difficult times in the past and said, “We faced a challenge in the past. [I learned that] postpartum depression can come later and not immediately [after giving birth]. Men delude themselves into thinking they did a lot, but since we work in the same industry, I think her postpartum depression came when she one day realized that she wasn’t fulfilling her dreams. I think our pet helped Yoon Mi Rae a lot [to recover].”

His trip was a success and he also surprised her with a drawing of Smoky, Leo, and their family members which moved Yoon Mi Rae to tears.

“Dear Pet, We Need to Talk” is a reality variety show that documents the lives of celebrities and their pets. The show airs on Wednesdays at 7:40 p.m. KST.

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