The March 2 episode of the SBS sitcom “Salamander Guru” seems to be a celebrity explosion! We reported earlier that IU would be appearing on the March 2 episode as a pickpocket. On the same day the show will have another awesome cameo by the Hip Hop master, Tiger JK!

Here is a spoiler of Tiger JK’s role:

Tiger JK will get caught while stealing chicken underneath the fortune telling location. He gets caught by “Sun Dal” and “Won Sam.” Then Tiger JK dresses up as “X” who killed “Min Hyuk’s” father, in order to catch Min Hyuk.

It has been two years since Tiger JK has appeared on a show as a cameo. The last time was on “Through the Roof High Kick.” It is being said that he looked a bit nervous at first, but the moment the camera turned on him, Tiger JK acted superbly.