Fans know all too well that the BLACKPINK members have a genuinely close bond with one another. No matter who pairs up with whom, they’re all like sisters.

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This friendship was highlighted in BLACKPINK’s Summer Diaries in Hawaii, particularly between Jennie and Jisoo. As the oldest member, Jisoo often looks out for Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa.

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She was even named the most responsible member by the younger girls in “Pop Quiz” by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

She always takes care of us.

— Rosé

Sometimes this means Jisoo hides the things she scared of in order to put her members at ease. This happened when she stayed put in the corner of the boat because she was afraid of the big waves.

Fortunately, Jennie noticed her discomfort right away and immediately consoled her.

She gave sound advice to make the older member relax and feel like nothing is wrong.

Don’t be too scared. Just fall if you feel like you’re going to fall.

— Jennie

Knowing that she didn’t have to maintain a strong face anymore, Jisoo revealed her true feelings: “I’m scared of it…”

Jennie continued to give Jisoo tips like the sweet member that she is!

BLINKs saw their genuine bond and the fact that they can trust one other.