On July 10, the “About Time” cast bid viewers farewell and talked about their feelings regarding the end of the drama.

The cast collectively thanked the viewers for showing love for the drama and watching until the very end through a behind-the-scenes video.

Tae In Ho said, “Thank you for supporting Do Ha and Michaela’s love until the end.”

Kim Hae Sook added, “It feels like yesterday since we started but it’s already ended. It was a pleasant time.”

SF9’s Rowoon commented, “Relieved-frustration, is that how I should put it? It’s really ‘the moment I want to stop, ‘About Time.’ I want to stop this moment. Thank you so much, and I’ll meet you all again.”

Through his company, he also added, “I was able to have fun acting as Wi Jin. Every moment was pleasant. I will have good memories as I was able to work with really great people. When I first started, I was stressed and nervous, but my seniors would help me out on set so I was able to make it to the end. I’d like to thank the writer for making Wi Jin so charming, the director for loving Wi Jin, and the staff for always greeting Wi Jin brightly. Thank you to the viewers who loved Wi Jin as well, and I will work hard to show you a better side of myself.”

Han Seung Yeon said, “I’m very regretful to say goodbye to all the actors and staff I’ve come to care for. It was an honor that I was able to meet the viewers during a lovely season.”

Kim Dong Jun added, “Finally, the shooting has ended. Because I was taken care of, I was able to spend a more meaningful time [here].”

Im Se Mi shared, “I think I learned how to love myself through this show. I’d like if everyone lived their lives happily every day.”

In addition to this, she also added, “I was thankful to act as the confident, cool, and lovely Beth, and because there were viewers who supported Beth’s straightforward method of love. The drama is over, but like Beth who will live happily in the drama, I hope we can all live every ‘moment’ of our lives happily.”

The female lead, Lee Sung Kyung, commented, “I was really glad I was able to act in this love story that many people dream about. I was lacking a lot but thank you for showing me a lot of love. It’d be nice if you could look back at this work with good memories for a long, long time.”

Finally, the male lead Lee Sang Yoon said, “Did you all enjoy watching ‘About Time’? I worked hard so we could deliver ‘About Time’ to the viewers as a wonderful work, but I was glad I could finish with a smile.”

Through a video posted by his company, J,WIDE-COMPANY, Lee Sang Yoon also added, “I tried to convey Lee Do Ha in a way only I could, so how was it?” After a pause, he continued, “Ah, I see. Thank you. I will work harder. I was able to feel the fans’ love again while working on this drama. It was due to your support that I could end [the show] without any trouble. Thank you so much. I will try to return after preparing hard with a new work.”

Watch the video below!

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