On October 15, Time Magazine published an interesting article explaining the surprising low response for “Gangnam Style” in Japan.

The article titled “’Gangnam Style’: Is Japan Immune to PSY Mania?” said, “But for a variety of reasons, ‘Gangnam Style’ — which rose to #2 on the U.S. Billboard charts and has been viewed more than 460 million times on YouTube — just isn’t all that big in Japan…Maybe it is because no one has just been paying attention all that much.”

The writer, Erica Ho, said Japanese media rarely reported on the song over the past month, but also noted that, “It’s entirely possible that the recent political climate in northeast Asia might have cooled the Japanese fever for Korean pop songs.” Due to the disagreement over Dokdo-Takeshima islets, Korea and Japan have faced rocky diplomatic relations in recent months.

But her conclusion was rather optimistic, as she went on to wrap up the article by saying, “There isn’t a diplomatic row in the world that couldn’t be resolved with a little invisible horse dancing.”

You can read the full article here!