After getting covered by CNN, the Huffington Post, and the Wall Street Journal, PSY’s “Gangnam Style” has now reached Time Magazine.

On August 15, Time Magazine published an article titled, “PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ Is the Best Invisible Horse-Riding Rap Video You’ll See All Week.” The article takes note of the video receiving over 28 million views on YouTube in just about a month, and mentions the tweets by T-Pain and Josh Groban to prove the video’s global popularity.

“While the South Korean performer and reality TV judge is little known outside of his own country, ‘Gangnam Style’ and its weird, wonderfully watchable video is now a certified viral hit,” proclaims the article of PSY’s instant stardom worldwide.

You can read the full article here!

Meanwhile, PSY released the music video for “Gangnam Style Part 2” on August 15, featuring HyunA’s vocals. You can watch the full MV here!