Give an idol a bubble-maker and nine times out of ten, you’ll get some serious cuteness happening. Something a little like this:

nayeon good bubbles

That other 10% of the time, well…

nayeon bad bubble

While these idols definitely thought they’d have some serious fun with bubbles, let’s just say things definitely did not go according to plan:

1. When GOT7 BamBam’s bubbles got a little too close for comfort

bambam bubbles

2. That time SEVENTEEN’s Joshua was attacked by a bubble

joshua bubble 1

joshua bubble 2

3. And that time BLACKPINK’s Jisoo got a big surprise

4. These moments when MONSTA X’s Shownu was just so done with them

shownu 1

shownu 2

5. And when BTS’s Jin just wasn’t expecting it

6. That time GFRIEND’s Sowon was having a blast… or maybe not so much

sowon bubble 1

sowon bubble 2

7. When MAMAMOO’s Solar decided to show those bubbles who’s boss

8. When Golden Child’s Joochan faced a bubble attack on multiple sides


9. And SF9’s Hwiyoung was ready to nope himself out of the whole bubbly situation

hwiyoung 1

10. Every time TWICE’s Nayeon came face to face with those sneaky floaties

11. That time ATEEZ’s Seonghwa got a face full of bubbles


12. Or when SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan was not a fan of a Carat’s bubble maker

hoshi bubbles

13. When TXT’s Soobin thought he was going to take a selfie and then this happened…


14. When MONSTA X’s I.M just had waaaaaaay too many bubbles to deal with


im 2

15. And the time PENTAGON’s Jinho simply didn’t want them around

jinho bubble