The second episode of KTown Cowboys premiered yesterday on YouTube.  Check it out:

KTown Cowboys, a short film directed by Daniel Park, premiered at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival on May 1.  Written and co-starring comedian Danny Cho (a YouTube sensation with his Kim Jong-Il E-Harmony video), KTown Cowboys is an insider’s look into LA’s Koreatown.   

Johnny (Lanny Joon), a young Korean American from Richmond, Virginia, finds himself transplanted to LA. Having been recently dumped by his girlfriend and with no immediate job prospects, Johnny is taken under the wing of his cousin Jason and a motley crew of partyhoppers who are dedicated to having a good time.

The film is 55 minutes long and the first episode was posted on YouTube yesterday.

Learn more about KTown Cowboys here.

Also, here’s a bonus music video from one of the movie’s costars, Big Phony.  It’s a great song, so definitely check it out!