A musical co-produced by the Korea Musical Theatre Association and the Ministry of National Defense will star Lee Jun Ki, according to a press release made on Thursday by the musical’s PR Manager.

“Voyage of Life” is a musical commemorating the 60th anniversary of the start of the Korean War. The storyline was inspired by two actual incidents that occurred during the war: the Jangjin battle (a terrible and horrific defeat) and the Heungnam Evacuation Operation (an evacuation that saved 14,000 refugees). Renowned musical producer Yun Ho Jin will act as the chief executive director alongside popular musical director, Kwon Ho Sung.

The musical is set to run at the National Theater of Korea from August 21 to August 29. The cast also includes other actors currently serving in the military, such as Joo Ji Hoon and Kim Da Hyun, as well as current military officers.

Check out the official poster for the musical below: