On July 31, it was announced by Core Contents Media (Hereafter, CCM) that T-ara Hwayoung’s contract would be extinguished. Afterwards, because of the media and Netizen backlash, the CEO Kim Kwang Soo ended up reporting that he met with Hwayoung’s parents. He also reported on the fact that Hwayoung and her sister Hyoyoung met together.

Fans and Netizens alike gathered together and created a group called “TJinyo” which is a group that is asking the truth from T-ara. The group announced on August 1 that they would hold a demonstration in front of Core Contents Media at 5pm on August 4. Supposedly the demonstration is legal as the group has submit a notification of organizing to the police.

As of August 2, 11am (KST) the Naver Café for “TJinyo” currently has 336,800 members.