Following the T-ara bullying controversy and Hwayoung leaving the group, several opposing groups have been formed among the netizens such as TJinYo. TJinYo was supposed to hold a demonstration in front of the Core Contents Media headquarters on August 4 but the event got cancelled.

On August 2, a group from TJinYo submitted rally registration forms to the Seoul police. However, on August 3, they revealed that the rally is to be cancelled.

The TJinYo group announced that the rally was cancelled due to a lack of preparation. On the TJinYo homepage, they posted, “We are not prepared so we cannot hold this rally. We ended up cancelling the rally registration at the police station.”

They continued, “There was a lack of sponsorship and a lack of netizen participation. If all of us members are determined to get this going, we can always register again.”

After the T-ara controversy hit the web, netizens created a group called “Seeking The Truth From T-ara,” or in short, TJinYo. To this day, there are over 340,000 members.

Meanwhile, Core Contents Media stated, “We are willing to open communication with TJinYo or any other group.”