The upcoming drama, “To The Beautiful You” has recently garnered a lot of attention for being the first Korean drama to use state of the art technology, such as the “matrix filming technique.”

“To The Beautiful You,” which is facing its first airing on August 15, is being highly anticipated by fans due to its star idol lineup for the cast. Furthermore, news on this “matrix filming technique” is also raising the bar for viewer’s expectations.

The “matrix filming technique” is where a large number of high-powered cameras are closely connected and are triggered almost simultaneously at high speeds around a single object. It is also called a “time slice” effect and was popularized through the American film, “The Matrix.”

This is the first time that this technique that will be used in Korea. About 100 high-powered cameras will be used to get the littlest details and movements. This technique will be shown during the first episode where Kang Tae Joon (played by SHINee‘s Minho) performs the high jump.

Production staff members say, “We are coming up with various methods to display the details of the many sports scenes in our drama. We hope you will show a lot of interest and love.”