New stills from the upcoming drama, “To The Beautiful You” have been released, focusing on actress Kim Ji Won.

On August 7, SBS released stills of Kim Ji Won, who plays the gymnast Seol Han Na. Kim Ji Won is wearing a fancy white dress, creating a swan-like image. Her graceful up-do along with her dress revealed her crystal clear skin.

The staff members revealed that these stills are from a party scene that took very long to film. Even though the filming went past 1 a.m, they say that Kim Ji Won never lost her smile and positive energy.

In the drama, Seol Han Na is a gymnast with both the skills and the looks. She has a crush on Tae Joon (played by SHINee‘s Minho). With the exception of Tae Joon, Han Na is cold to everyone else.

About her role, Kim Ji Won stated, “Han Na may be a spiteful character but she has a charm that makes her hard to dislike. I hope viewers will see Han Na’s warm heart, hard efforts and overflowing confidence in a good light.”

“To The Beautiful You” starring Minho, f(x)‘s Sulli, Lee Hyun Woo, Kim Ji Won, Seo Joon Young, ZE:A‘s Kwang Hee and more will air on August 15.