Tony Ahn recently revealed some interesting news about a fan he had in his H.O.T. days, according to Newsen.

On July 29, Tony Ahn appeared as a guest on Mnet’s “Beatles Code 2.” He confessed, “A fan once offered to buy me a car. I was grateful but when I turned the offer down, the fan offered to buy me a house.”

Tony Ahn

Lee Jae Won, who was also appeared on “Beatles Code 2,” confirmed the incident saying, “This actually happened. When it was our birthday, our fans pooled some money together and leased an entire stadium. Another time, they contacted our manager and bought us furniture. We were out for a performance and when we came back home, all the furniture in our house had been changed.”

When asked if they still took gifts from their fans, Lee Jae Won replied, “No, now I just feel too bad taking their gifts so I don’t accept them.”

MC Shin Dong asked, “But I heard Jang Woo Hyuk accepted a car from his fans? What’s up with that?”

Tony Ahn replied, “That was back in our H.O.T. days. He accepted it probably because he was desperate for a car,” making the entire set laugh.

Tony must be really popular if someone offered to buy him a house!