K-Pop stars often say the most surprising and funniest things! From Kara Kang Ji Young’s being cheated by her ex-boyfriend, to Lee Hyori dissing her boyfriend’s looks, it was another fun week full of funny comments!

f(x)’s Sulli expressed her stress over being too tall, while BEAST members revealed how Yong Jun Hyung possessed “unwilling” eyes.

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“There’s a scene where I touch Sulli’s breasts in the first episode. It was a really embarrassing and uncomfortable experience.” – Lee Hyun Woo shares how the breast-touching scene on “To the Beautiful You” went with f(x)’s Sulli!

“Dokdo is our land.” – Super Junior’s Siwon shows his support for South Korea, claiming Dokdo to be South Korean territory. The tweet caused Japanese media to label him “anti-Japanese.”

“I thought my ears were going to explode from all the clatter. That’s why I was very shocked! Our lips (really) didn’t touch!” – miss A’s Suzy clarifies her kiss scene with Kim Joon Hyun on “Gag Concert”!

“But he cheated on me. So we broke up. Coolly. But I still cried.” – Kara’s Kang Ji Young reveals her past dating experience on “Invincible Youth 2”!

“To all the people who were worried because of us, to all the disappointed people who loved our music – we are truly sorry.” – T-ara issues a letter of apology on their official homepage. However, Netizens later questioned the letter’s authenticity.

“I am LOVING this video – so fun! Thinking that I should possibly learn the choreography. Anybody wanna teach me?! Haha.” – Britney Spears joins the PSY “Gangnam Style” bandwagon!

“But since we did have our good times together I want to forget about everything bad that happened, and wish that we can cheer each other on. Please give T-ara a lot of love and caring attention. I apologize for causing our fans to worry because of the recent happenings.” – Ex-T-ara member Hwayoung expresses regret in regards to the recent controversy.

“Being a part of a Girls’ Generation, and singing is really a big happiness.” – Girls’ Generation’s Yuri shows her appreciation for Girls’ Generation, fans, and her career so far in an interview with Ceci Magazine!

“We also hear that people think Junhyung’s eyes look dead.” – BEAST reveals people think Yong Jun Hyung has unwilling eyes!

“It really stresses me when people ask, ‘Did you grow again?’ People tell me I’m taller than 170 cm, but I’m really not.” – f(x)’s Sulli reveals how stressed she is over her height!

“The voice is so much more important than good looks. You know what my boyfriend looks like.” – Lee Hyori disses her boyfriend Lee Sang Soon’s looks on TV!