2019 was arguably a very good year for K-Pop, especially considering how many idol groups grew in popularity internationally.

One gauge of popularity is the recently released Youtube Year-End Chart, which ranked 100 idols based on how often they were searched worldwide. The top 100 idols were ranked according to Youtube’s search index.

Read on to see which idols made it to the top 10.

10. Taeyeon


Search Index: 161.90


9. Jin


Search Index: 163.64


8. Chungha


Search Index: 168.75


7. Suga

bts suga

Search Index: 262.50


6. IU

iu fashionista family 8

Search Index: 292.31


5. Lisa


Search Index: 322.22


4. V

bts vbl

Search Index: 333.33


3. Jennie


Search Index: 360.00


2. Jimin

Jimin main

Search Index: 440.00


1. Jungkook

bts jungkook

Search Index: 633.33


Check out the entire list below!