Season 5 of “K-Pop Star” will soon be coming to a close! On the April 3 broadcast of the SBS audition program, the Top 2 were chosen among the remaining finalists.

During the live broadcast, Lee Si Eun, Lee Soo Jung, Ahn Ye Eun, and Mazinga S all put on impressive performances, but unfortunately Lee Si Eun and Mazinga S were eliminated. Lee Soo Jung and Ahn Ye Eun will be moving on to the finals next week.

lee soo jung

Lee Soo Jung has been favored as a finalist ever since the show started, with her rendition of “Lies” early on. In the April 3 episode, she performed Park Jin Young’s “The House You Live In.” Park Jin Young himself felt that she didn’t live up to her potential, but Yang Hyun Suk and Yoo Hee Yeol agreed that she effectively revived the feeling of the original.

ahn ye eun

Ahn Ye Eun, by contrast, struggled early on with individuality but has been gaining confidence since making it to the Top 10. She sang the self-penned track “Pushover” on the latest episode, and again Park Jin Young felt that she did not perform as well as she could. Yoo Hee Yeol expressed admiration at her self-composition.

“K-Pop Star 5” will likely hold their final competition next week as Ahn Ye Eun and Lee Soo Jung battle it out for the crown.

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