For the month of June, there are some new fan-favorite stars on “Viki Top Celeb,” a monthly list of top celebrities followed and visited by K-drama viewers on the Rakuten Viki site.

The popularity of the cast of tvN’s hit drama “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” shows on June’s chart!

Park Min Young has made her debut on the chart at No. 1. She plays secretary Kim Mi So in the drama, and has been receiving great reviews for her performance. This is her first romantic comedy drama, following roles in works including “City Hunter,” “Healer,” “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” and many more.

Her co-star Park Seo Joon has risen to No. 2, after making his debut on the chart in April following the success of the show “Youn’s Kitchen 2.” Along with his starring role in “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim,” he has also acted in “Fight My Way,” “Hwarang,” “Kill Me Heal Me,” and much more.

Lee Tae Hwan is also June’s Rising Star. In addition to “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim,” the 5URPRISE member has appeared in dramas including “My Golden Life,” “W,” and “Please Come Back, Mister.”

Lee Joon Gi of “Lawless Lawyer” and Hwang Jung Eum of “The Undateables” also make their debuts on the chart!

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