BIGBANG’s T.O.P has officially been discharged from the military, the idol was seen leaving the Yongsan Administrative Office where he had been working as a public servant since January of 2018.

There were fans waiting outside the office along with throngs of reporters. VIPs were upset that the media even marked a spot for T.O.P to stand as they believe he has been cast in a bad light by Korean media.

T.O.P did not exit the usual way, however, and left through a back entrance to avoid the media and crowds. He was photographed getting into a car.


YG Entertainment staff then sent messages en-masse to fansites informing them of a different location where T.O.P would greet them without the media around.

When T.O.P arrived to a screaming crowd of fans, he became overwhelmed and started to wipe tears from his eyes.

He greeted each of his fans.