Ever since Seo Tai-ji & Boys first debuted back in 1992. K-Pop was never the same as that was the turning point. In 1995 Lee Soo Man formed SM Entertainment, and soon after companies like DSP Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and YG Entertainment began to produce highly successful artists. I know you are asking yourself, “Why are you telling us all this?” The answer is simple. I am going to post a Top Ten list. I was asked by one of the wonderful ladies from the Soompi office to create a list. Not just any ol’ list, but a list that will be interesting. The first list for you all will be Most Memorable Music Videos. 

1. Jo Sung Mo – To Heaven

The best music video ever! Warning: The audio is really high so I suggest lowering the volume while watching this video. 

2. Sky – Forever 

R.I.P Choi Jin Young. You are really missed! I wish they made this into a drama…just saying.

3. T – As Time Goes By

Time will always continue to go by with or without us. T, you are awesome. The best ever!

4. H.O.T – We Are the Future

Because we are still the future!

5. Drunken Tiger – 8:45

Number 5 because it really speaks to you and Tiger JK is just full of emotions in this video. Keep doing your thang JK. You da man. 

6. KISS – Because I’m a Girl

How can you not cry at the end of this video! (Jini, if you are reading this, thanks again for the interview so many years ago when we had a radio station!)

7. Brown Eyes – For You

This group had to be one of the most talented duo when this song came out. I think they still are! The video really hit home for me…

8. S.E.S. – I Love You

Reason why this is my number 8 is because the girls look really cute and beautiful throughout the video! S.E.S. FOREVER!

9. Super Junior – Sorry Sorry

This is my number 9 mainly because I like how they use just one camera for the entire video and you actually get to watch the entire dance routine. 

10. Big Bang and 2NE1 – Lollipop 

This video is number 10 cause it looks really fun to sing about Lollipop!

These are my top ten. What videos are in your top ten? I will be back with another top ten list. Till then Peace, Love and Ice Cream =D