Boy band ToppDogg has been making waves in the charts in Japan. The group’s Japanese version of the album “Amadeus” has hit the Number Three spot on the Japan Tower Records Charts.

Stardom Entertainment, the talent agency that represents the group, explained that the album had also reached the top spot in the daily charts. The company also said that the Sibuya branch of Tower Records in Tokyo had reported that the album reached Number 2 on its sales charts. 

The group recently followed up the Japanese release of “Amadeus” with a showcase event, held on August 9.

ToppDogg said, “We are pleasantly surprised by this unexpected result, and we will do our best to pay our fans back with great songs and performances. We hope to see more of them in the future!”

The group is also set to release “Amadeus Deluxe Edition” in Korea on August 22.