The total amount that was spent on actors Won Bin and Lee Na Young’s private wedding has been revealed.

On the June 6 broadast of KBS’ “Entertainment Weekly,” reporters discussed the expenses of the star couple’s recent wedding.

According to the reporters, the average cost of the renting the space where many celebrities are known for holding their wedding ceremonies is about 120 million KRW (approx. $107,000 USD). Also, the dresses worn by actresses Lee Min Jung and Jun Ji Hyun, on their own, were revealed to have cost around 100 million KRW (~$89,000 USD) and 80 million KRW (~$71,000 USD), respectively.

won bin lee na young wedding

In comparison to other top stars, however, Won Bin and Lee Na Young’s wedding expenses were not nearly as much. Small weddings have recently become a trend in Korea over the years.

According to reporters, the combined costs of the couple’s wedding, including food and ceremony expenses, came out to be about 1.1 million KRW (~$980 USD).

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