Ha Ji Won’s upcoming ping pong film “Korea” released a trailer. “Korea” is about the 1991 World Ping Pong Championship and the first North-South Korean team. In the film Ha Ji Won portrays the 1991 World Ping Pong Championship gold medalist Hyun Jung Hwa while Bae Doo Na portrays the North Korean teammate Lee Boon Hee. Ha Ji Won actually received private lessons from Hyun Jung Hwa in 2011. Hyun Jung Hwa is currently an executive member of the Korea Table Tennis Association.

The movie trailer for “Korea” is unique because it does not focus so much on the movie but on the actual ping pong player Hyun Jung Hwa.

Hyun Jung Hwa says in the beginning of the trailer “I was 22 in Korean age. Lee Boon Hee was one year older than me. Our team was made up of college age athletes. We were very young but we felt a lot of responsibility. We had to train hard and do our best.”

She continues “Although we spent 46 days together, the only memories I have is training. I felt like I should have tried to be closer, and I should have been better to her. I regret not being able to do those things.”

The trailer ends with clips of Ha Ji Won and Bae Doo Na playing ping pong. 

Check out the trailer here