A one-minute trailer and stills have been released for the upcoming film “Mr. Idol.” The idol-themed movie boasts a cast of Kim Soo Ro, Jay Park, Ji Hyun Woo, Park Ye Jin, and more names!

Lee Yujin (Ji Hyun Woo) is an ex-trainee of the mega-entertainment company “Star Music” run by CEO Sa Hae Moon (Kim Soo Ro). Park Ye Jin plays a former music producer, Oh Gu Ju, who picks up the talented Yujin as the lead vocalist, dancer Jio (Jay Park), vocalist Hyun Yi (Jang Seo Won), and rapper Gi Ki (Kim Randy) for the new idol group “Mr. Children.” As the idol group debuts and booms in popularity, Sa Hae Moon returns to ruin Mr. Children’s success. Read more information about character descriptions here.

“Mr. Idol” is set to premiere in theaters in October. Until then, check out stills and the official poster below. Will you be watching the film?