A popular transgender South Korean live streamer, Sia Sia TV, revealed photos of herself before her transition. Born in 1995, Sia is only 27 years old (Korean age). Prior to becoming a live streamer, she worked at a real estate agency.

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| @jinsia95/Instagram

This was her 4 years ago!

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This was a startling 6 years ago. That jawline!

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It seems she was quite a successful real estate agent, given her Gucci scarf back then.

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Many netizens had commented that Sia was extremely handsome before transitioning, but there were unfortunate comments as well.

  • “Heol…she should’ve lived as a man. That face is such a pity.”
  • “These disgusting people. F*cking thought they were going to come crawling out at this point of time.”
  • “Wow I really hate seeing people who are disgusted by this just because it’s been generalized.”
  • “As expected… the difference between a pretty girl and a handsome guy is as thin as a paper. Pretty people are handsome and handsome people are pretty.”
  • “Wow so handsome.”

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| theqoo

Sia Sia TV operates on both YouTube and AfreecaTV, with her YouTube account at over 70,000 subscribers.