First impressions last, especially if they weren’t the most normal! When TREASURE had an interview with Billboard Korea, they revealed what happened in their first moments with each other.

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For maknae Junghwan, he was tasked to say what he thought about elder member Junkyu.

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Junkyu (left) and Junghwan (right) | @treasuremembers/Twitter

Since Junkyu was a long-time YG Entertainment trainee since 2014, he and Junghwan only met four years later. The latter was just 13 years old at the time, so he looked up to all of the hyungs he met.

Every member here is charming and fabulous, and I tried to behave like them.

— Junghwan

When he saw Junkyu, however, he was unique even in the way he walked! According to him, “When I first saw him, Junkyu walked like a zombie.”

To everyone’s surprise, Junghwan found that cool.

And even that looked very cool! So I walked like him as well.

— Junghwan

Even the way he greeted Junghwan was different from everyone else. The maknae loved it, however!

He always received my greetings kindly. And the way he did was a little unique. Everyone usually said ‘hi’ back to my ‘hi’ but he said ‘eh?’

— Junghwan

In his eyes, “He was very unique from the beginning.”

Until today, he looks up to his special Junkyu hyung.


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